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Rossi Dimitrova, CEO and Founder of Women's Life Lab

" Diana's passion for graphic design and social media is contagious! She is an incredible person, with amazing ideas and talents, and a great eye for making beautiful design! She designed a flyer for me for a new project I was working on, and when I saw the design I was absolutely in love with it. It had the vibrancy and the feel I was going for, and I was so happy to print it and share it with people.

She has also given me wonderful insights on social media strategy for my new business. I can't wait to work with Diana again and highly, highly recommend her!

DmitryBondarev, CEO and Founder of Georg Corp.

" Diana is the most reliable, professional and helpful marketing specialist I've been working with lately. She is smart, tenacious and really cares about creating exactly the right presentation of my business. Diana performed the market research, keyword analysis for my websites and created a script for my video presentation that really works.

Now she's teaching me how to blog, where to publish and how to manage my publications in social media. Diana also manages the proofreading on my articles and gives me tons of marketing ideas.
So many skills in one dynamic woman

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