Twitter FAQ’s: Get Bite-sized Answers to All your Basic Questions!




Twitter is a powerful social media network, and its many features and capabilities can be overwhelming at times! In this post I tried to answer some FAQs about the platform and it might help you if you are just getting started with Twitter.




Each Social Media Network has its own advantages and disadvantages, and Twitter is no different.


These are Twitter’s main advantages:

✓   Twitter makes it easy to get in touch with strangers, journalists and even celebrities!

✓   Even though Twitter is becoming a more visual platform, most people still write mostly text-only updates; you can take advantage of this and post image-based tweets – this way your content will stand out from your competitor’s;

✓   Twitter is great for customer service! If you reply to your customers on Twitter and they like your service, you get more eyeballs on your business with every tweet correspondence you engage in!

✓   Twitter’s search capabilities are amazing – you can use many advanced search operators that can, among other juicy things!) help you find prospective customers / partners / and staff that are located in your area and that are talking about your niche)

✓   Hashtags usage on Twitter is very relevant and this has turned Twitter into a powerful search engine tool.


And now some of Twitter’s disadvantages:

✓   Twitter attracts a lot of spam and fake accounts so you’ll have to be careful with who you follow.

✓   The 140 character limit can sometimes become frustrating! Sometimes we want to ramble a bit and Twitter does not allow that. One one hand, that’s a good thing, because we can easily check several tweets from dozens of people at a time, but, on the other hand, it can become frustrating when you’re the one writing the tweets.





Yes, if your customers are between the ages of 18 and 50 and have above average income and education. Gender-wise, Twitter is pretty much neutral, as both men and women like to use it.

Twitter is great for both B2B(business-to-business) as well as B2C(business-to-consumer) marketing and networking. It’s also one of, if not THE easiest social media platform to strike a conversation with strangers (even celebrities!).

That said, if you don’t like Twitter at all, and if your audience also hangs out on another social media channel, then, by all means skip Twitter and go elsewhere! What’s more important is that you stay consistent! Even if you only use Twitter and post only one time per week that’s way better than having several social media profiles spread all over the interwebs and never posting at all! 😀






   Create an account and write a keyword-rich bio;

   Add an avatar picture (400 px X 400 px) and a big banner picture (1500px X 500px) – don’t use boring stock photos (use these free photo resources instead) and remember to check how the banner looks on mobile devices;

  Think about your audience so you know what type of content you should post on Twitter (think about their interests, struggles, desires, hobbies, personality quirks, etc);

✓  Create a handful of posts before you start following other people (ideal size for images is 440px X 220 px)

✓  Find interesting links to share with your audience and share them throughout the week (aim for 3 Twitter posts a day but don’t fret if you can’t do it – remember, consistency is the most important thing!);






The ideal tweet is, first and foremost, one that is valuable / entertaining to your audience and that makes people want to connect and follow you on Twitter. You should also aim to include most or all of these elements in your tweets, to improve their visibility and probability of being liked/shared/retweeted:


✓   Write between 70 and 100 characters (Twitter allows 140 characters on a single tweet but it’s recommended  to allow enough room in your tweet so that people can add their comment when they retweet you)

✓   An image (most Twitter users don’t use images when tweeting, so if you do it you’ll stand out in a sea of text-only tweets)

✓   A link to an external page;

✓   The source/location of where you found the original article, usually using the author’s Twitter handle (e.g. ” via @authorname ” or “by @username”)

✓   From 1 up to 2 Hashtags related to the article (e.g. #marketing, #techtips );

✓   A call-to-action and/or a comment (e.g. “Please Retweet! “Check it out”, “Cool tips!”);


Here’s an example of a great Tweet:






   Make sure your profile pictures look professional and that you’ve written a nice, keyword-rich bio;

   Make sure the posts that you’ve created and shared from other sources are relevant to your target audience (your posts should educate / entertain / inspire);

   Try to use hashtags that are relevant to your business niche

   Start following people that could be your potential customers (to kick off, you can go to your competitors’ Twitter accounts, and start following all their followers)

✓   After you have some followers you can start a free trial of SocialQuant to get even more targeted followers (this tool will start following people according to your chosen keywords)

✓   Engage with your ideal customers to make them notice you: like their tweets, retweet some when you find they are interesting to your followers as well, and start conversations (reply to their tweets, retweet their posts, add comments inside your retweets, etc…).






I’ll be adding more questions and answers to this post, but I hope you got at least some of your Twitter questions answered. If you still have some pressing questions let me know in the comments and maybe I can help you!




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